Dani (anarchick) wrote in punkpals,


Name: Daniela V.
Age: 20
Birthday: 09/30/1986
E-mail: Bohemian.lechugita@gmail.com
Gender: Female
Location: Miami Fl...

Intrests: 007, 300, adam sandler, aer lingus, american eagle outfitters, american history x, amy winehouse, anarchism, animals, anti-rascism, art, aston martin, audio adrenaline, australia, avalon, bam margera, being in love, benny hinn, bible, black, bohemian, bono, brazil, c.s. lewis, carlos mencia, central park, cesar castellanos, charlotte church, cheese, christian songs, christianity, christians, claddagh rings, conan o'brien, cookies&cream, crushes, daniel craig, daniel vosovic, daniele de rossi, dave attell, david beckham, david crowder band, delirious?, distillers, doctor who, dominican, downtown, drawing, dublin, elohim, england, europe, fabio cannavaro, fashion, fashion institute of technology, ferris bueller's day off, forever 21, francesco totti, g12, god, goo goo dolls, guitars, gypsy, hawk nelson, heaven, hillsong united, hope, hug, ireland, irish, james bond, jars of clay, jeff deyo, jesus christ, john cusack, kisses, kissing, krystal meyers, larry mullen jr., life, love, manhattan, marc warren, movies, music, never been kissed, new york, opera, penpals, peta2, photography, poetry, praise and worship, preaching, punk, quentin tarantino, rain, real madrid, relient k, robbie williams, salvatore ferragamo, san-x, sanctus real, sanrio, singing, sixpence none the richer, sleep, snl, soccer, sonicflood, soulfire, spain, spanish guitar, st marks place, starflyer 59, superchic(k), switchfoot, terrorist, the bible, toby mac, tv, u2, vegetarian, veggie rolls, viva la bam, winning souls for christ, world cup, yahweh, zinedine zidane.
Penal Preferences: Some one that have some but almost interest in me. Female Only...
Additional Info: -I'm Christian // Vegetarian // New Yorker // Punk Rocker // Fashion Designer // Spanish-Americana // Bohemian // Phlegmatic - Melancholic // Out-of-this-World Lass // Artist//
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