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Looking for a few good pals!

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[x]Age: I don't believe in limiting one's self to their age. Someone young can be quite wise, and someone older can be quite immature. Also I find it kind of sexist how men get to be sexy until they are, like, 80, but women have an expiration date. So for those reasons, I feel the only people who are really entitled to my age are my doctor, and my mother. However, if you must know, I am in my 20's.
[x]Birthday: September 30th
[x]Main Interests:Lets see...
Small Dogs
Scion XB ( as in clubs, parts, body work, etc.)
Pen Paling
Online Shopping
The Victorian era; clothes, cooking, all that jazz
strange but true facts i.e. you can lead a cow upstairs, but not down.
pin ups
random cute things
Jessica Rabbit
New music, and new bands
getting and sending mail
Greek mythology
x]Described as: silly, honest, ditzy, obsessive (as in, when I get an idea to do something, or make something... it WILL happen), perky (don't ask me HOW I got stuck with that one), creative, giving, loyal, and unique
[x]Significant Other?: Boyfriend named Apollo. (seriously)
[x]Work?:Yes. *le sigh* Do we HAVE to get into that one?
[x]Tattoos/Piercings: just the ears, and a tattoo of a shamrock on my left foot
[x]Who are your favorite bands/singers?: Bis, Plus Tech-Squeeze Box, New Order, The Cure, The Adicts, Joan Jett, L7, Bikini Kill, The Slits, Cock Sparrer, Dead Can Dance, Wings, Eric Clapton, ELO, OK GO, Moloko, Posh, Shop Girl, The Postal Service, The Runaways, The Beatles, Blondie, David Bowie, Erasure, Depeche Mode, OMD, Sparks, The Clash, Rancid, Sham 69, Reverend Horton Heat, Dropkick Murphys (only sometimes though), Flogging Molly, Hank Williams 1-3, Echo & the Bunnymen, Johnny Cash, The Nuns, The Killers, The Fratellis, 45 Grave, Lily Allen, Cindy lauper, The Bee Gees, lots of stuff...
ever notice when you HAVE to list stuff you KNOW your forgetting something, and only later it comes to you?
[x]Favorite Books:catcher in the rye is the only work of fiction I like... other than that...biographies and autobiographies
[X]Favorite Movie:I don't really watch many movies
X]Favorite T.V. Show:My name is earl, the simpsons, Scrubs, Family guy, metalocalypse, robot chicken, and random as chef
X]Specifically Seeking:people who DO write back faithfully. I'm sick of writing someone, and only getting ONE reply letter EVER.
[x]What sex do you want them to be?:This doesn't matter. I don't see how one's sex would play a big part.
[x]What race do you want them to be?:Please see answer above
[x]Where do you want them to be from?: doesn’t' matter.
[x]What age do you want them to be?:well, as stated in my answer to my own age. I don't think it matters. It all depends on the person.
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