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punk pen pals for me, ecstasy!

Hey everyone....
It's the middle of winter and I'm going out of my mind with extra time and energy....
I seriously want to get back into snail mail.
I maintained quite a few pen pals off and on for the last ten years or so but now they have all seemed to have moved, lost touch, etc.
So I'm looking to make some more friends to exchange postage-requiring letters with....Okay, wow, normally my grammar isn't that sloppy, I swear!
So anyway, my name is Ashley.
I am a 24 yr old who lives in a town called Nelson, BC (in Canada).
I live with four guy friends/roommates and my boyfriend Sam in a crazy punk rock/hardcore house called The Wantmonster house, I am very much into music and the zine scene. I write a zine called, "Time Release" zine, which is mainly a personal zine in which I write about my life and the crazy things that come into my head along with a cornicopia of cut-put pictures, images, and scraps to form into a little piece of me.
I have completed two issues of this zine (second one is awaiting the photocopier). Before that I wrote seventeen issues of a zine I called, "Alien Basement Food" which was a lot similar only with a more random name....

I'm looking for someone who has the time to write more than one page letters, although once in a while a shorter letter can be just the thing, I tend to enjoy going into more detail and so I would love someone who shared that same notion.

Age doesn't really matter too much but mainly I'm thinking between 15-55 yrs old, someone who can write and speak english decently, and probably more likely someone in either the UK, North America, or Australia or something.
I'm really not that picky, all I ask is for friendly, viable communication :)

Please indulge me!

If you want to you can write *right away* to:

AShley Lambert
1119 Cedar St.
Nelson, BC
V1L 2E3

OR you can email me at:
tell me a little bit about yourself and give me yr mailing address *there*
to write to you first.


Thank-you for yr time + interest.

*riot On*

<3 Ashley.
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