Colleen (princessneelloc) wrote in punkpals,

Looking for a penpal


Age: 22

Sex: F

Birthday: 10/22/84

Sign: Libra/Scorpio (born on the cusp)

Country: Usa

Languages: English,Italian

Main Interests: Music,Poetry,Post secret

Described as: goofy,always has a guitar pick, movie quoter, typical irish temper

Seeking: I'm just looking to trade some letters. I just love it and always find it nice to get a letter and not just a bill in the mail.

How many penpals do you want?: I'll take as many as I can get

Things you swap: poems, art, song lyrics, random pics

What sex do you want them to be?: doesnt matter

Where do you want them to be from?: anywhere

Any other interesting penpalish tidbits you want people to know?: I'm the youngest in a big family, 100% Irish, I game (yeah lame but i love it), I love going to concerts, dive bars are cool
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