Brittanyone? (britbrat_7l) wrote in punkpals,

Mail's here!!!

I'm pretty set on meeting ALOT of people from all over so anyone who wants a pen pal leave me a comment. I don't care how many people want to write, I'm hoping for hundreds...thousands...millions...bazillions...I don't care how far away, age, or race, or sexuality. I'd prefer girls, but I don't mind guys...I get nervous and shy talking to girls sometimes cuz woman are such beautiful creatures (I'm bisexual...I'm not curious or confused, I like both genders) and I'm usually more of "one of the guys" cuz I'm not really at all so guys are welcome to write also.

I'm into hardcore, ska, punk (obviously..this is punkpals), and some oldschool rap. I'm a rude girl and a riot grrrl. I'm passionate about woman's rights and I can't fucking stand racism. My heart belongs to art and my soul has been sold to music.

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